An Open Letter to Salman Khan

The world seems to be showing every bit of its color each and every day. I always maintained that our world is a place of justice and everyone gets their piece of it equally. But certain series of events compel me to reconsider my stance which eventually show the valid reality of our world.

I don’t really care about what actually happened on that awful night way back in 2002. I actually do not really care or want to know, if you were literally driving that luxurious car or your so-called savior driver, who after some 12 and a half years, suddenly felt the need to play a sacrificing-puppet to your super-rich family. I have lost interest about whether you went to the bar to just drink water or that the tyres of your car burst which eventually led to the horrendous accident. The crane theory, according to which, your car fell down while being lifted by a crane, thus leading to the death and injuries of the people sleeping on the pavement, which was put forwarded by your defense team has also no interest within me. I am not even bothered about who is guilty and who is not. This is so because whatever I think or know, it does not really matter. After all, you are Salman Khan, the mega superstar and your high-profile defense team will ultimately find a way for you to ‘not to go to jail’.

Yes, you have done charities and helped needy people and their families through your noble foundations. Indeed, you have a good heart, a heart of a common man. Yes, you have done roles in some intolerable Bollywood movies highlighting your real-life nature of helping out and reaching to needy people. Fine, that’s it!

And all this has paved your way to dodge the jail sentence and be a free man. You even have huge support and well-wishers from the Bollywood family. But mind you, 90% of those are jobless and I do not really care.

I am neither a big fan of you nor your movies. I hardly watch them. But I always knew somewhere down within, that you are a good man and a man of word. But the matter of fact is that you ran away from the scene of crime irrespective of who was really responsible for that incident. Forget who was driving! Running away is not at all a good human's nature. That is not being a human thing. But, at the end of the day, you are Salman Khan. And people will still celebrate your ‘not going to jail’ decision in the court.

I always maintained that I have respect for the two Khans of Bollywood. Shah Rukh, for his dignity and sincerity. And you, for your simple and wonderful heart. I just wish, really wish that I can maintain that respect for you.


  1. And then some blindly promote his 'Being Human,' shame on him and such hypocrites!

  2. I am fed up of this topic... Really have no interest in it now.. To hell with justice!!


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